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Our Recent Projects

Every client is different and we know how frustrating it can be finding a contractor to build your metal structure. We are here to make the process much smoother and way better! Don't hesitate to ask us any question you may have. Below you will find our most recent projects! 

Container Homes

This built was amazing as all the other ones, client already had two containers welded together. Requested to build a gable roof on top of the containers plus a lean to. Measurements are 31x40x10. Freer, TX  Rough Estimate- 12k

We can also do the cut outs for the windows/doors upon request.


Protect Your Investment

On this project our client called us and we discussed plans on his idea. He wanted an entire metal roof to protect his tractors and getaway home. Measures 30x80x14 gable style. The second on is a 20x80x13 slightly sloped. 


By the bay


This one has been our favorite of all! 40x40x12ft high gable style. Built tough and painted white with premium Behr Paints like all of structures for an everlasting carport! Our client requested to use Anchor wedge bolts instead of cutting the concrete. We used heavy duty 12x12x 3/4" plates for all the posts. This one has a 2:12 pitch.


One year later, client called us back to add this partition. Colormatched on the existing palapa.

3 Car Carport Painted Crimson Red
4x4 11 Gauge

3 Car Carport

Perfect Carport for the big family with more than one car. This one in particular is a 30 wide by 20 in length. Client opted to match existing color of home. Crimson Red oil based paint for an everlasting color!


Good things come in small packages! 

From big to small projects, we love what we do!!

This one our clients requested something to fit one car and with limited space we decided to build a 15X25x10, such an amazing turn out! For every project we hire our Architect to draw the plans for the city permit. Most "competitors" wont even bother acquiring a city permit!


Black On Black 

Two is better than one! Client went with not one, but two metal carports to beat the heat. Perfect shade walkway, your plants will greatly appreciated. 


RV Carport

This one is a 40x20x14 high slightly sloped. Client requested a side covered completely. On the opposite side covered from the top to the bottom of the house. We also added a heavy duty gate with pins and locks. 


Benavidez Texas

This one is a 44x24x14 high slightly sloped. Client requested a side covered 6' from the top. Painted white with premium Behr oil based paints.

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